Unlock your
second brain today...
UpSide is a new way to organize your thoughts and get things done.
Stay Present
Nobody likes taking meeting notes. Immerse yourself in more effective discussions while our AI-powered assistant takes care of the paperwork. We'll send you a summary, key points, and a transcript as soon as you're done.
Ask Us Anything.
Extract the most out of your meeting data. Evaluate your meeting notes, generate key insights, and ask questions through our ChatGPT-style chatbot, tailor made to understand your meeting, no additional setup required.
Clone Yourself.
Can't make it to a meeting? Don't miss out on crucial information. Send our meeting bot in your place, and stay in the loop with a summary and transcript. No need for follow-up emails, just ask our chatbot!

Focus on Communication.

Your personal Chief of Staff seamlessly attends every meeting.
  • Automatic Recordings
    We capture and storing of meeting recordings, making sure you keep track of action items and never miss important details.
  • Multilingual Support
    We offer real-time translation in multiple languages, making collaboration across different regions seamless and effective.
  • Inbox Connection
    We connect to your inbox and calendar to ensure you never miss a meeting, and send you every summary, no matter where you are.
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Context Engine

Extract the maximum insights from your data.
  • One Place for Your Knowledge
    We automatically and securely index your notes, meetings, documents, and more by using the latest AI Large-Language Models, and help unlock new connections between your existing knowledge.
  • Chat With Your Documents
    Swiftly search your knowledge base, be it for weekly standup notes or a meeting from 2 years ago. Our chat-style context assistant will make sure you always find what you're looking for.
  • Use Your Second Brain
    We house all your pivotal data, from company intel to cherished notes, in a single, streamlined location, ensuring that clarity and organization are at your fingertips.
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